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English Student Enrichment Association

The English Student Enrichment Association is an organization of undergraduate students interested in involving themselves in the workings of the department.

As representatives of the department's undergraduate majors, members of the committee contribute to assessments for faculty promotion, retention, and tenure reviews. The ESEA community also organizes readings by faculty and students, coordinates workshops about employment and prospects for graduate work in English and other fields and organizes an undergraduate literary conference. Contact the English Department Office for information about joining ESEA. The Canticle’s submission deadline is January 31, 2018. 

We invite everyone to get involved in one of the many English Student Communities!

Current ESEA Members  


Senior Co-Chair, Martyn grew up in Maine and then Arizona and developed a love for English by not knowing what else to do at a new school but go to the library.  At University, he has gone on to develop a love for education and is receiving his degree in English Teaching.  Currently a Senior,  Martyn has found that English has been the most enriching part of his academic life and chairing ESEA has been the perfect opportunity to create a space of thought, creativity, and aesthetics.

Elyse Jost


Junior Co-Chair, Elyse Jost is currently a senior at the University of Utah, pursuing a BFA in Modern Dance with an English minor. She originally hails from Chicago, where she trained with a pre-professional ballet school for several years during and after high school, and spent most of her free time debating over societal paradigms with friends (when in reality, she should have been completing her algebra homework). After graduating from the U, Elyse plans to move back home to Chicago to audition for companies and Broadway shows while freelance writing for online Art & Culture media. As co-chair of ESEA, she is most passionate about the open space that ESEA provides for Humanities students to discuss, debate and grow, all while adding an enriching facet to their lives.



Editor of The Canticle, Sara is currently a senior in the English Department while also pursuing a minor in Arts and Technology.  Upon graduating, Sara plans to move to the D.C. area in pursuit of a career in publishing.  She also hopes to eventually write a successful book of poetry.  As the Chief Editor of The Canticle, the University of Utah’s literary journal, she works with undergraduate students to get their writing and artwork published and recognized by the community.  As a long time English lover, she enjoys the overall passion for language and literature in that ESEA thrives upon.  


Shirley Reyes: Events Coordinator

Allison Allred

Sarah Bischoff

Morgan Parent

Alina Hansen

Lindsey Vickers

Ryan Holbrook

Megan Hulse

Sarah Bischoff

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