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About the Program

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The undergraduate program in the Department of English is frequently recognized as one of the strongest in the university. The variety of courses and the quality of the faculty create an excellent environment for undergraduate education. Most English courses are taught by full-time faculty, and most have fewer than 40 students. As a result, English majors at the University of Utah receive a level of personal attention not possible at most large public universities. Our faculty members are deeply committed to their students and consistently win teaching awards.

A degree in English prepares you for no particular job because it prepares you for any job. Instead of being given problems to solve, English majors discover them; instead of memorizing narratives, they challenge them; they develop an adaptable creative intelligence, learning to analyze complex systems and understand nuance. English majors become lawyers, doctors, politicians, activists, artists, educators, scholars, journalists, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs—producers of culture rather than consumers of it.

The kind of versatility trained by English is especially valuable in today’s economy because those with the most successful careers often move between jobs and even fields. At the core of the English major lies the conviction that the analytical agility fostered by rigorous and imaginative thinking constitutes the best preparation for the world that awaits students after graduation.

The Department of English Undergraduate Majors & Minors


Last Updated: 4/26/24