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About Our Department

Transformative knowledge. Transferable skills. Learning for life.

We offer a wide variety of courses in classic, modern, and postmodern literature; in speculative fiction and experimental writing; in digital humanities, videogame narrative, and environmental humanities. Our courses are taught by professors who are active scholars and writers, and who bring their cutting-edge research and creative activities into the classroom.

Our students learn agile, independent thinking and clear, precise, imaginative writing. These skills are essential to many professions, and our alumni have gone on to successful careers in law, business, government, education, medicine, tech, and media. Employers value English majors because they know how to how to think creatively and present their ideas forcefully.

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A Fulfilling Career and a Complete Life

Studying English also gives students opportunities to develop themselves as well-rounded, caring, and self-aware human beings. Our classes are discussion-based and interactive spaces of shared exploration. We believe that people learn best through collaboration and respectfully engaging diverse perspectives. These are the habits of civil discussion that create strong communities and empathetic citizens.

Explore what we have to offer: dynamic courses, inspiring professors, a vibrant community, and skills you need for a successful career and complete life.

Last Updated: 6/7/21