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Learning Abroad (British Studies)

bigben-Public Photo BankLearning Abroad offers intensive seminars in London for University of Utah students. Students in these courses explore the cultural resources of London according to the focus of each seminar, guided by our faculty and by our colleagues in various institutions in Great Britain. These courses are offered during a five-week period early each summer. The program is made possible by the Gordon B. Hinckley Endowment for British Studies.

Past Themes:

2007: Bridging the Gap: Black British Writers 1789 to the Present (Professor Wilfred Samuels) 

2008: Professors Norm Council and Mark Matheson

2009: Underground London (Professors Scott Black and Andrew Franta)

2010: The London Eye (Professors Disa Gambera and Thomas Stillinger) 

2011: The Bloomsbury Group and England Between the Wars: 1910-1939 (Professors Mark Matheson and Vince Pecora)

2012: Graphic London (Professors Stuart Culver and Barry Weller) 

2013: Street Scenes: Imagining London from Blake to Post-Colonialism (Professors Stacey Margolis and Matthew Potolsky)

2014: Underground London: Crime and Disorder, 1720-1840 (Professors Scott Black and Andrew Franta)

2015: Cabinets of Wonder: Art, Literature, and the Logic of Display (Professors Paisley Rekdal and Lela Graybill [Art history])

2016: Filth, Fog, and Fantasy 

2017: Street Scenes: Imagining Cosmopolitan London (Professors Stacey Margolis and Matthew Potolsky) 

2018: The London Eye: The City as Performance (Professors Disa Gambera and Thomas Stillinger) 

Summer 2019: Underground London 


This course will explore eighteenth- and nineteenth-century London from the bottom up. Focusing on outlaws, criminals, and deviants, we will examine changing representations of the city as well as the development of genres like the criminal biography, the novel, and the detective story.  

Along the way, we will think about why some of the most graphic and compelling accounts of London focus on the city’s criminal element and underworld.

  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Mid May-Mid June
  • Excursions: Multiple historical sites, world-class museums, and an over-night stay in Stratford


  • Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Participants: Undergraduate & Non-U of U
  • Open to ALL majors
  • ALL students must attend one short information session with Learning Abroad
  • Additional eligibility requirements may apply



  • ENGL 5660 (a repeatable course) 
  • Available credit(s): 6 credits
  • Fulfills Undergraduate International Requirement; can fulfill 3-credit elective for Honors College 
  • Applicants are required to enroll in the two program courses
  • Click on the Courses Offered link above for more information, including prerequisites


  • Students will be living and studying on the Foundation for International Education (FIE) London location.
  • Participants are required to use the program housing facilities
  • Housing is included in the program cost


  • Click on the Budget Sheet link above for information about ESTIMATED costs
  • Participants should read the full Withdrawal Penalty Policy BEFORE applying
  • Scholarships are available for Degree-Seeking, University of Utah students
  • Financial Aid might apply, visit your Financial Aid Counselor for more information


In addition to taking classes, students enrich their time abroad by participating in Learning Abroad Badge opportunities such as, Career Development, Language Immersion, Research Experience, and Community Engagement:
Badge Opportunities
The Learning Abroad Badges listed in the Fact Sheet above are included in this program. Some programs offer opportunities to earn additional Learning Abroad Badges through independent options.  Students interested in earning multiple Learning Abroad Badges can participate in the Global U Program and receive special recognition at graduation.

  • Research Experience* (for students who take the Advanced Seminar in English)


The Learning Abroad Handbook outlines the University of Utah's eligibility requirements, financial policies, conduct standards, administrative procedures, academic expectations, as well as visa and passport guidelines for Learning Abroad Programs. ALL participants are subject to the rules and regulations in the Learning Abroad Handbook. It is every participant's responsibility to read the Learning Abroad Handbook and contact Learning Abroad with any questions.

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