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Faculty Bookshelf

Cheng Amnesia

Image of Jeff Metcalf's new book Back Cast: Fly Fishing and other such matters

Steve Tatum

Jeremy Rosen, Minor Characters Have Their Day: Genre and the Contemporary Literary Marketplace

Paisley Rekdal, The Broken Country

David Roh, Illegal Literature: Toward a Disruptive Creativity

Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World Anne Jamison

Jessica Straley, Evolution and Imagination in Victorian Children's Literature

Lisa Swanstrom, Animal, Vegetable, Digital: Experiments in New Media Aesthetics and Environmental Poetics

Melanie Thon Silence

Hope, Heart, and the Humanities

Imaginary Vessels

Melanie Thon

Vincent Pecora

Hideous Progeny

The Decadent Republic of Letters

Lance Olsen, Dreamlives of Debris

Tokyo by Michael Mejia

 Franta Romanticism








Last Updated: 4/25/18