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Faculty Bookshelf


Franta Systems


Potolsky Book cover


Dworkin Def


Dworkin PWN Cover


Jackie Krishna


Metcalf A Slight Discomfort
Black Without the Novel


Look Both Ways by Katharine Coles


Kafka's Other Prague by Anne Jamison


Back Cast by Jeff Metcalf


Amnesia and the Nation by Vincent Cheng


Tokyo by Michael Mejia


Morta Las Vegas by Stephen Tatum


The Broken Country by Paisley Rekdal


Dreamlives of Debris by Lance Olsen


Evolution and Imagination in Victorian Children's Literature by Jessica Straley


Animal Vegetable Digital by Elizabeth Swanstrom


Flight by Katharine Coles


Minor Characters Have Their Day by Jeremy Rosen

Hope, Heart, and the Humanities by Jeff Metcalf


Imaginary Vessels by Paisley Rekdal


The 7th Man by Melanie Rae Thon


Silence and Song by Melanie Rae Thon


Fictions of Mass Democracy in Nineteenth-Century America


Illegal Literature by David Roh


Secularization Without End by Vincent Pecora


Clowning an dAuthorship in Early Modern Theatre by Richard Preiss


Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World by Anne Jamison


The Decadent Republic of Letters by Matthew Potolsky


Hideous Progeny by Anglea Smith


The Queer Child by Kathryn Bond Stockton


Romanticism and the Rise of the Mass Public by Andrew Franta


Beautiful Bottom Beautiful Shame by Kathryn Stockton



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