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The Canticle

1. Is a melody or hymn that requires the contribution of various human voices as a collective.
2. Studies of our literary landscape, a geography of intimate experience and the erotics of language

The Canticle is the University of Utah's undergraduate literary journal, created out of the desire to craft a literary space for the unusual, the unique, the upcoming, and the unearthed. We are proud to support untapped creative minds and create a venue for their work to reach the universe. 

Currently accepting student nonfiction, fiction, poetry and art images!

All majors can submit and all genres and styles welcome.  Please include your name, major, University ID, and preferred email when you submit.  No more than 2,000 words for works of fiction and nonfiction.  Limit of 5 poetry pieces per submission.  Scanned images of paintings, drawing, sketches and photographs, pictures of 3D artwork also welcome. 

Submissions due January 21, 2020, to:

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Last Updated: 10/23/19