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Transformative knowledge.  Transferable skills.  Learning for life.

The English Department is a community of readers and writers dedicated to critical and creative approaches to a complex world. We are students of story, lovers of language, scholars of the many worlds recorded and imagined in fiction.

At the core of English is the work—and the play—of creativity: discovering new worlds, exploring new ways of thinking, and developing new ways of expressing yourself. We offer a wide variety of courses, from Shakespeare and the early modern theater to Jane Austen and the nineteenth-century novel; from Joyce, Woolf, and the experiments of modernism to Tolkien and speculative fiction; from experimental poetics to horror films, digital humanities, critical theory, video games, environmental humanities, and the emerging authors other people will be talking about next year. Our courses are taught by professors who are active scholars and writers, and who bring their cutting-edge research and creative activities into the classroom.

The skills of advanced literacy we teach and practice in our classes are fundamental to a successful career and a full life. Our students learn agile, independent thinking; rigorous research and nuanced interpretation; clear, precise, imaginative writing. These skills are essential to a wide range of professions, and our alumni have gone on to successful careers in law, business, government, education, medicine, tech, and media. Employers value English majors because they know how to pay close attention and negotiate complexity, how to adapt, revise, and innovate, how to present their ideas forcefully, and most importantly, how to think creatively and for themselves.

A fulfilling career is just one part of a complete life, of course. Studying English also gives students opportunities to develop themselves as well-rounded, caring, and self-aware human beings, people with something to offer their families, communities, and cultures. Our classes are discussion-based, interactive spaces of shared, cooperative exploration. We believe people learn best through collaboration and by respectfully engaging diverse perspectives. These are the habits of civil discussion that make for strong communities and thoughtful, empathetic citizens. Many of our students become leaders in their professional and civic lives.

Dynamic courses, inspiring professors, a vibrant community, and skills you’ll need for a successful career and complete life: explore what we offer.


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Last Updated: 8/2/18