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Dear Members of the English Department community,writing

Though our final semester has been an unusually challenging one, this year has also  been an unusually successful one for our community. Our graduating Seniors, Masters, and Doctoral students completed their degrees under especially difficult circumstances, but they still showed the kind of intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity that has distinguished the class of 2020 throughout their studies. To all those students who are virtually “walking” in our online Convocation, congratulations! You faced a special set of challenges, but you persevered and did it. Well done!

It was a very a successful year for our community in other ways as well. Many of us, both students and faculty, have won awards that recognize our contributions to the university and to our fields. We have received prestigious fellowships to pursue our academic and creative projects. We have published a considerable number of scholarly books, articles, and creative works. And we have engaged in significant service to our communities, both local and national. Most importantly, we have remained committed to the caring, inspiring, and award-winning teaching our Department is known for.

Thank you all for your hard work this year, and congratulations again on your many accomplishments!

Scott Black,
Professor and Chair

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Last Updated: 5/1/20