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Teaching Major

This course of study is designed to accompany the University's Urban Institute for Teacher Education secondary education licensure program.  Courses in the English Teaching Major must be completed with a B- or better.

Critical Introduction to Literary Forms (prerequisite to English 3600 and courses 5000-5999 [may be taken the same time as the student's first Literary History course, Intro. to Creative Writing, and/or English 3400]).
Introduction to Creative Writing.

 Choose one:

ENGL 3310/LING 3500: Intro to English Grammar
WRTG 3510/LING 3510: Grammar and Stylistics
ENGL 5350: Revising & Editing

Two courses, may be taken in any order:

ENGL 3701: Literary History I (Pre-1800); 
ENGL 3702: Literary History II (Post-1800)

Introduction to Critical Theory (prerequisite to advanced methods & theories)

Choose one:

ENGL 2700
Ethnic Lit Courses: ENGL 3740, 3750, 3760, 3770, 5820, 5830, 5840, 5850, 5860
ENGL 5730: Studies in Early American Lit
ENGL 5750: Studies in 19th Century American Lit
ENGL 5780: Studies in 20th Century American Lit
ENGL 5790: Studies in Modernism
ENGL 5800: Studies in Contemporary British/American Lit

 Choose one:

ENGL 5630: Advanced Seminar British Studies
ENGL 5640: Advanced Seminar American Studies
ENGL 5650: Advanced Seminar Comparative Studies
ENGL 5900: Form & Theory
ENGL 5910: Studies in Criticism & Theory
ENGL 5920: Intellectual Movements
ENGL 5930: Theories of Race/Ethnicity/Nationality
ENGL 5940: Theories of Gender & Sexuality
ENGL 5950: Theories of Culture
ENGL 5960: Theories of Pop Culture
ENGL 5970: Discourse Analysis
ENGL 5980: Ecocriticism

 ENGL 4999 or one Additional 5000-level Elective
Adolescent Literature

Both courses:

(prerequisites for both courses: Engl 2600, 2500, language requirement[#3], one literary history course[#4], and ENGL 5711[#7]) May be taken in any order.

ENGL 5410 (Fall Semester): Methods of Teaching Language Arts 1
ENGL 5420 (Spring Semester): Methods in Teaching Language Arts 2

Students should also take EDPS 5126: Content Area Literacy Instruction for Utah State Licensure
Students in the Secondary Education Licensure Program are strongly encouraged to complete a teaching minor from among those approved by the Utah State Board of Education.
Students must complete the University language requirement for the BA degree; that is, demonstrate competence in a foreign language at the 2020 level.
Teaching majors will need to be admitted to the Secondary Education Licensure Program in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Application to this program must be approved by the department.


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