UPDATED: Three English Students Awarded Fulbright Awards

AppellLindsey Appell, MA in British and American Literature, will go to Romania on an English Teaching Assistantship:

“I am passionate about language and teaching. I have studied and traveled extensively abroad, gaining experience with and knowledge of a variety of school systems and educational models. My work as a Writing Center tutor and administrator, working with many ESL/EFL students, has prepared me to bring collaborative and adaptive learning and teaching models to the Romanian classroom.”

BasinLyuba Basin, BA in English, will go to Argentina on an English Teaching Assistantship:

“While in the process of receiving my TESOL certificate I have been working as an ESL teacher locally and would now like to reach out and begin teaching abroad. Over the course of my undergrad years learning Spanish my interest in Latin America and Argentina have grown greatly. My background in English literature and teaching ESL, as well as being a L2 learner myself gives me the experience and confidence needed to teach and engage with the local community.”

GianelliAdam Giannelli, PhD in Literature and Creative Writing, will go to Uruguay on a research grant:

"Residing in Montevideo, I hope to translate the work of Marosa di Giorgio
, translate living Uruguayan poets, and compose my own poems in dialogue with the translations."

Overall, University of Utah students picked up six of the prestigious Fulbright awards. More information about the U's 2015 Fulbright scholars can be found here.