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The English Graduate Student Advisory Committee represents the interests of the graduate student in matters of policy and curriculum.

The Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) should meet monthly, and was designed primarily to give graduate students an official vote in faculty Retention, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT), and we have a vote in the hiring of new faculty. The committee has also taken on several other roles as the graduate student body needs. We host graduate student conferences, Q/A panels of students and/or faculty to help students understand their tasks (preparing for exams, assembling a committee, applying for fellowships, writing a dissertation/prospectus, etc.), and social gatherings. We have also in the past distributed conference funding. The committee is allotted department funds for our meetings and events, and we are encouraged to apply for other sources of funding as well. All graduate students are invited to attend meetings, vote, and hold office. Do it for your CV.

Latest Meeting Minutes

Grad Con theme: Appropriation.

GSAC bylaws and procedures

Alex Distler was elected officer over collecting and announcing upcoming and recent graduate student publications. She should have a snappier title for her CV.

Creative Writing 2500 teaching schedule conflicts.

Posted schedule for smaller events:

 Exam Panel: 12th 3:00 pm, 3850.

 Work-in-Progress: 26th 3:30 pm 3880.

 GSAC meeting: April 3rd 12:30

 Dissertation Panel: April 16th 3:30 pm 3880. I got an earful from Gerri that we didn’t just attend the faculty thesis thingy in January. They even had food and University staff. I think I was still recovering from exams, because damn.

 Andrew’s Mini-con is TBA

Upcoming meeting agenda

 Date for Appropriation Conference?

 Who should we ask to be on the exam panel next week? Students only.

 Work-in-Progress: no submissions

 Dissertation Panel

 Attendee Queries

Last Updated: 10/28/16