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English Student Advisory Committee

The English Student Advisory Committee is an organization of undergraduate students interested in involving themselves in the workings of the department.

As representatives of the department's undergraduate majors, members of the committee contribute to assessments for faculty promotion, retention, and tenure reviews. The ESAC community also organizes readings by faculty and students, coordinates workshops about employment and prospects for graduate work in English and other fields and organizes an undergraduate literary conference. Contact the English Department Office for information about joining ESAC.

We invite everyone to get involved in one of the many English Student Communities!

Current ESAC Members

Jai BashirJai Hamid Bashir

I am an English major because there is no vision of more value to me than using the power of language to address the absolute beauty, and at times, distressing fright, to be living in this critical time and space on this planet. I believe deeply in the unique power of the written word. I am an English major because I would like to be part of the emerging forefront of a movement where the intimacy of art and activism is more deeply investigated to catalyze the social revolutions that must take place in order to progress the shared human dream of equality, creativity and love on this planet. Language is the greatest tool to facilitate this progression. By using the power of narrative to revisit and reconstruct our relationship to our environments, each other and ourselves. I am an English major because I care about concepts and ecological and social bodies larger than myself. Through literature, language, and critical theory---I learn more about the human condition and humanity. Plus, I love books—the smell, the feeling, the literal and metaphorical weight--with all my heart. As Henry Miller stated, “A book lying idle on a shelf is wasted ammunition.” Jai Hamid Bashir is this academic year's senior ESAC chair. 


Christie KannapelChristie Kannapel

"This year, I have been fortunate enough to have been selected as the Freshmen representative of ESAC. With this amazing responsibility I have also been asked to answer this question as my biography: Why did you choose an English Major? The answer is simple: Because why not? In greater depth, did you know that analyzing Hamlet or poems by Robert Frost could develop both, your analytical and creative skills? Did you know that knowing how to write, with or without natural talent, could boost your resume or job application or novel? Not to mention, your thesis for higher degrees? Did you know that through writing, you can choose how to represent you or your business or your law firm or your scientific research in the future? English not only promotes English as a language, but you and me as professional and creative persons. This is why I have chosen an English major, and why I see being the Freshmen representative of ESAC as such an amazing responsibility. I love English. I love writing. I love reading. And I want to support English as both a major and subject."

Sam MutchieSam Mutchie

“Sam is majoring in English Teaching. She looks forward finishing her licensure year in 2016, and beginning to teach at the age of 21. More than anything, Sam wants to work in Education Policy and Law to administrate behind the scenes in order to improve education inside and outside of the classroom. In her spare time, she reads (not surprising), but also really enjoys sleeping, longboarding, and watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. She is a believer in the Oxford Comma and in the healing power of writing with fancy pens. She currently works at Western Governors University in Marketing and Enrollment and believes firmly in their mission. She is also never opposed to a great conversation, even though she speaks with a slight lisp, and giving love to dogs because dogs always love you back no matter what.”

Lyuba BasinLyuba Basin 

"I'm an English major because, English is more than grammar and essays, it is a catalyst that projects you into learning about literature, philosophy, history, and art. It is a way to time travel to the past and to the future, and explore worlds that are beyond your reach. I'm an English major because when I read, I feel a greater connection, a greater sense of empathy towards mankind. When I write, I release my inhibitions, my fears, my joys, my anxieties and my loves. I'm an English major because language is what makes our existence so unique, and by studying it's complexities, analyzing its meanings, we can come a little closer to understanding our strange world. I'm an English major because, what else would I be?"



Hillary HermansenHillary Hermansen

"Hillary Hermansen is a captivating individual with many interests. She is currently studying English, portuguese, philosophy, and mermish. She loves to talk to people, though you may usually find her with a book, so don't be intimidated. Feel free to interrupt any conversation she may be having with a book. She loves adventures, both literal and metaphorical including snorkeling, hiking in Brazil, and fighting dragons. She plays the oboe when she's bored and loves to read and write when she's not. If you have any questions, be sure to ask; she's full of information, both true and false. She thanks you and pleasantly imagines a successful life for everyone!"

Cody SotorCody Sotor

"I am an English Major because: An English degree will allow me to get a diverse range of careers, while teaching me about a subject I am passionate about. I am a Junior, and after college I am hoping to get a career in publishing, teaching English overseas, marketing, or writing as a career itself. I truly believe that an English degree will give you valuable skills which will enable you to market yourself as a good potential employee for any number of careers."



Beth SnowBeth Snow

"English Teaching BA, 5th year.
A lifelong native to SLC. I chose to become an English Major after two years at the U because I realized that I was a self-loathing actor in the Fine Arts college. My real passion to help others drove me to seek a teaching degree, and along the same vein, my love of the written and spoken word compelled me to major in English. There really is no better department on campus because of the immense amount of support offered from our administrators and the opportunities we are afforded!"

Kylee EhmannKylee Ehmann

"My name is Kylee Ehmann and I'm an English Major because I want to become an editor or a journalist.  In addition to just being really fun and interesting, the English Major helps to improve my writing and editing skills. I'm a Junior double majoring in English and Journalism with a minor in Arabic language."


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